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I've been into Metamorphose recently, so I ended up getting 3 (actually 4?) sets/lucky packs this summer :D

I love the Twinkle Journey print. I reserved mine over the phone and got it at Laforet. I was lucky I could get mine in blue, as this one sold out pretty quickly together with the black colourway.

The set came with the jumper skirt, headbow, blouse, and OTK socks.


This is how the set put together looks like ^^

The jumper skirt is awesome. I love all the details and especially the shade of blue.

It has cute star buttons and a big detachable ribbon in the middle.

The waist-ties have the same print as the skirt on them, and I like how big they are.

It does have shirring in the back, but there is a bit of a problem with it ^^; The size at the bust is actually pretty big on me. I would suppose that shirring would mean that it would fit properly on a thinner bust and stretch for a bigger size as well, but it's not really the case with this JSK. When I tried it on and tied my waist-ties, the fabric in the back wouldn't sit properly as it's way too loose. It's why I don't really see the point in the shirring on this one, because I've never had a similar problem with other JSKs or OPs with shirring.
I had to sew it a bit in the back so it sets properly.

The blouse is fine and easy to coordinate with other JSKs. The fabric is polyester (which I normally avoid), but it's actually pleasant and soft on the skin, so it's alright. The two bows are detachable.

I'm quite a fan of the headbow. It sits on the side of the head rather than in the middle. I noticed that the headbow design was different according to each colour and I liked the blue one the most.

The socks are very cute, with star prints all over them and a clock print at the bottom.

I already did a photoshoot in this outfit with my friend so here are a couple of pics ^^
Photos by Shiho.

As you can see, the JSK is a bit weird at the bust and waist ^^; I need to think of something..
The wristcuffs are also by Meta and the shoes are IW. I used the petti from the lucky pack below.

Next, this is the T-shirt and petti lucky pack. I chose the navy blue T-shirt and a petti in cream.
The petti is very good quality for the price.

I'm not a big fan of T-shirts, but this one has the Meta logo on it so I will use it as roomwear ^^

The skirt lucky pack is awesome too. I bought it together with the T-shirt LP when I went to pick up the Twinkle Journey set in the same morning all three were released. I think I was the first customer actually ^^; They still had a lot of LPs left so they let me choose the print of the skirt and the colour of the blouse (although they only had off-white and black at Laforet). The staff are always very nice to me ^_^
I chose the Musical Cat print in green and the off-white blouse. The socks and accessory were random (no choosing). The socks aren't from the same series as the skirt but they still match.

The blouse is cotton and has two detachable bows and a big peter-pan collar.
I thought it was very cute at first, but I changed my mind when I tried it on ^^; I love peter-pan collars, but this one is a bit too big and heavy for my tastes. I'll put it up for sale soon, so if anyone's interested, you can PM me or wait for the sales post.

The socks have an anchor print on them, I love marine prints ^^

And the elastic bracelet thing (?) is...whatever? xD

The 4th set I got is the Night Carnival (A-line) JSK by Crown Label (which was released prior to the other 3 sets).


The set is only the JSK with the socks. I bought the hair bows separately to match the outfit.
I love how the socks have the same balloon prints as on the JSK.

I love the print and the colour. Again, I was lucky I could get it, as the navy colourway was sold out fast apparently. I actually wanted the OP, but it was already sold out everywhere when I called the store.
The only thing I'm not a fan of are the thin waist-ties. I prefer bigger ones like those from the Twinkle Journey piece.

The JSK has cute star buttons at the back as a cute detail.

And all the bows (including the other 2 golden ones on the skirt) are detachable.
Aw, and more star buttons! I love star buttons :D

That's all! I'm very sorry for the long entry and thank you so much for reading!
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01 March 2015 @ 11:39 pm
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28 September 2010 @ 09:48 pm
How can dreams go down the drain in seconds
I've experienced sufficient ways to get discouraged within a term that's too short to give me time to breathe
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26 September 2010 @ 09:26 pm
 One is supposed to make new friends in college.
My only irony is that none of them are related to the university I'm attending.
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04 August 2009 @ 01:15 am
As a huggles lover, this PV and song rocks my socks xD 

I love this girl xD I seriously might get crazy and order her new album.. damn, having no money sucks !! XD

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02 August 2009 @ 11:01 pm
I think this is some sort of hint for me XD

Anyone would like to join me? xD
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